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ICANN is in the next two years can make about $300 million to the newly created domains

In the period from 2014 to 2016. International ICANN’s plan to launch about 2 000 new top-level domains.

According to the information provided, on June 1, 2014 the company has delegated almost 300 domains, more than 1,400 submitted. Of these, more than 500 applications for the registration of domains are yet controversial. In this regard, the recent launch may be delayed.

Of the 300 delegated domains already started in the 40% open registration. Among them is its own domain of the World Cup in 2014, launched recently in Brazil. Domain zone event was a few days before its opening. Domain name is unique. For these purposes, was taken sound envelope the words that will make it clear to the perception of users all over the world. This will undoubtedly lead to economic success zone.

In addition to the sports domain, analysts predict the economic success of the domain .TRADE. This promises a high demand users of the stock exchange, as well as currency traders or other types of goods. This domain zone is aimed at traders, as its name recalls.

Next domain that ICANN will no small gain – a zone .CARDS. Area is focused on playing cards, credit market, advertising, business environment.

Domains .EVENTS receives an application for registration of the organizers of the celebrations and weddings. Sign up here can both legal and physical persons engaged in the cultural sphere – florists, artists, musicians, actors, and so on.. Some have suggested that the appearance of this domain will contribute to the rapid development of industry-Invent.

Domains .DATING focused on romantic audience. Here, above all, they want to register dating agency, dating agencies, sites “fast dates”, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other establishments, whose services are often used by lovers.

Big profits delight to ICANN domain zone .WEBCAM, which, according to experts, is the perfect place to host sites that specialize in online broadcast of the event from the place of their immediate implementation. Also, this domain will be able to take advantage of sellers of video surveillance systems, video blogs, and so the authors.

In the near future, the corporation also plans to launch geodomain areas such .moscow and .london, as well as specialized domains, for example, .holdings, or .health. Analysts modern Internet market claim that despite the very early stages of the analysis of the effectiveness of the launch of new domains, talk about the success of many of them still stands. On average, for each top-level domain company can get about 150-200 thousand dollars. Total income from 1.7-2 thousands of domains exceeds 300 million US dollars.
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