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Cyrillic domain zone .org and .com want to be banned in Russia

The Arbitration Court of the Samara region took action on the part of the Russian company “Legato” in relation to the American firm PIR (Public Interest Registry). The plaintiff demands the court to protect his right to a .org domain zone. The news was reported by representatives of the Russian company Ragtime specializing in domain name registration.

If approved by the court the claim of “Legato”, which is quite likely, the use of a domain name and .org. com on the territory of the Russian Federation will be banned.

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We remind you about 7 years ago, the Russian company “Legato” are registered trademarks of “.org” and “.com.” The right to register domain names in these zones has been granted the company (Ragtime), despite the fact that the international organization ICANN at that time did not approve the title above trade names as new Cyrillic domain names. This indicated that the use .org domain zones and .com outside Russia was simply impossible, especially because at the time in the world there was no international domain zones in other languages than English.

In Russia, to work with the Russian domains required the use of special software applications together with innternet browser – plugin.

By 2012 by ICANN was launched a project to expand the domain zone – New gTLDs. As part of this project, any natural or legal person may apply for registration of its own top level domain names, including the Russian language.

As a result, ICANN has received an application for registration zone .org. Its author was American company PIR. In parallel, other US companies – VeriSign, Inc has applied for registration of the domain zone .com. Both petitions were granted.

Naturally, such an act angered the Russian company “Legato”, which resulted in a dispute over intellectual property. All requests to ICANN by “Legato” were rejected. In the spring of this year the company PIR start recording names in .org. This was the reason for going to court.

According to the company Ragtime, to date, the number of registered areas and .org domain names .com more than a few hundred.

According to the company, during the litigation is quite possible the emergence of new disputes. First of all, with regard to issues of international regulation of domain names. In the near future, “Legato” plans to file another lawsuit against the VeriSign because of illegal use of the latest domain zone .сom. According to many experts, the court likely will win the American corporation ICANN, as well as the current Russian legislation guarantees the protection of the rules of the company.

There are those who do believe the commencement of trials senseless waste of company time “Legato”, calling .org domains and .com invaluable asset because of the low popularity in Russia.